Stevens 1886-09-17


Fine again. Drove Bell and Frank to Hook Norton to send a telegram to Novello, Ewer & Co  for some Harvest

…an apparently unfinished sentence at the foot of the page. The missing final word is probably “Carols” — see the next day’s entry.

Miss Buller called this afternoon to say “goodbye” as she returns to Leeds tomorrow. She is a daughter of a Colonel Butler, niece of Lord St John and of Sir Redvers Buller. She has been a (mental) patient of Dr Routh’s for a few weeks here, but previously at Miss Godson’s Hook Norton. She lodged for a short time at Mrs Turner’s, when sh had with her a very intelligent and lady-like companion who had been one of the governesses in the Leeds High School for girls but has since gone to Girton College Cambridge.