Stevens 1886-08-01

Text, letter

Taught in Boys’ and Girls’ schools this morning.

Holy Communion collections for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution. As usual, Mr Mann, Isaac Padbury and James Rimell were absent. My churchwardens were there in the morning, but Inns was absent in the evening. But this I can find no fault with, as he stays at home to mind his young children whilst his wife with the elder ones comes to church. The amount collected was £2.. 3 and 3/9 was added afterwards by Miss Dix, Mr George Dix and Frank.

Rev Mr White sent me a note asking me if I would take funeral of Patience Wells at Swalcliffe during the week as he wanted to go to Cheltenham to take his baby thence to its mother who is staying with her mother in Lancashire. I called upon him, after service and told him I would take the funeral.