Stevens 1885-09-29

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St Michael and All Angels. Divine Service at 9.15.

Married Daniel Shelswell of Shenington, Farmer, to Marion Shelswell (very distant cousins) of Burdrop. Mr Blythman, Vicar of Shenington assisting. We attended the wedding luncheon – which went off very well indeed. The bride and bridegroom, with carriage and pair of greys and outrider, left for the Isle of Wight, immediately after the wedding. Dr and Mrs Milburn, Oscar Shelswell, Mr T. Berridge and nearly all the members of the family were present.

Received my stipend from New College – half year should have been £75 but £2.10 was deducted for Income Tax, i.e. 8d in the £ thanks to the Egyptian War.