Stevens 1885-09-16

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Rather unwell. Did not go out all day.

Sent advertisement to Times as follows 5 at 8/-

TO ECCLESIASTICAL PATRONS, &c.—An experienced and successful vicar desires to meet with a larger and more remunerative sphere of duty than his present benefice affords. He is a graduate, a sound Churchman, and a good reader. Is married, robust and active, and about 50 years of age. He can intone and preach extempore, and can refer with confidence to his present bishop, patrons, and neighbours. Address, by letter only, Rev. X. Y. Z., 4, Clephane Road, Canonbury, London, N.

having previously asked Aunt Emma to receive and forward replies. The advertisement appeared 5 times. I got no reply except from touting advertisement contractors etc – and one from a gentleman directing my attention to an advertisement for Rector for a High School in New Zealand; which however I answered politely, as it was evidently well-meant.