Stevens 1885-05-23

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Continued and heavy showers. Visited William Holland; not in.

Mr White, Inspector of Nuisances called about the pond. He wanted to see Adkins who is away from home to day.

The Misses Lamb of Burdrop, sisters of Arthur Lamb called on me at the beginning of the week and said they were very sorry to hear that their brother had behaved so ill about the pond; that the plan adopted by the R.S.A. on the recommendation of myself and the Inspector ought to have been carried out. They wished I had sent a “paper” round the parish for the signatures of those approving of the plan. They thought a majority would have signed it.

They gave me 10/- for the funds of the Brass Band, which I paid to the Treasurer in the Practice room this evening.

Visited Thomas Wilks, Widow Bond, David Hone senior.