Stevens 1883-09-15

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Visited Richard Haines; June Haines; William Haines; and Widow Robinson, whose boy Joseph has been laid up for a week or two with a bad leg, injured by kick from one of the horses belonging to his master Mr. Richard Lamb. The leg seemed very bad, but the doctor had not been called in, as they could not afford to pay him. The woman receives no relief. She is a widow, who went to America with her husband before I came to Sibford. He died there leaving her with two or three children. On her return or soon after, she gave birth to a child by her late husband’s brother and some 5 or 6 years ago she had another child by the Roadman Joseph Harris of Sibford Ferris. She is however an industrious woman and keeps her children wonderfully tidy. Her two elder girls are in service, and the only means of living she has is what she can earn together with three or four shillings her boy gets, and perhaps a trifle from the father of her last child. Having had to stay at home to nurse the boy she said they had to go on very short allowance. But she is an uncomplaining woman, although she has, I fear, some serious failings, and I have never been able to get her to Church.