Stevens 1879-08-22

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Drove to Banbury. Mr Maclean returned. Brought out him and Miss C Henderson.

Sunday School Childrens’ treat. Tea in School-room – to which mothers and principal parishioners were invited. 30 of the latter staid to music and other light refreshment afterwards. The company included:

Mrs Stevens
Chrissie Henderson
Mr Maclean
Rev Thomas Smith
Rev Atkinson
Miss Sophie Smith
Mr Woolgrove
Mrs Woolgrove
A Friend Mr Fortnum
Miss Mawle
Mrs Way
Mr Elley
Mrs Elley
Miss E Dix
Mr Hiorns
Mrs Hiorns
a friend
a friend
Miss M Dix
Miss S Dix
Mrs J Rimell
Bessie Rimell
a Friend
Mr F Manning
Mrs Manning
Dr Routh
Mrs Routh
Mr Herbert
Mr G Turner
Mrs Turner
Miss Colegrave
Mrs Fox
Mr W Fox
Sally Fox
Mr J Coles
Mrs Coles

The Choir boys – John Manning, Harry Manning, W Rimell and W Wyatt were also present.

I gave prizes of framed pictures to the following:

Joseph Coleman
William Eli Webb
Richard Geydon

Eleanor Barton
Laura Webb
Jane Payne
Mary Webb

and Books to
Joseph Payne
Eliza Hancock
John Tay
Ellen Webb

I visited Mrs Pearce this afternoon. She was very bad.

Very fine day.

School broke up for six weeks.