Stevens 1878-12-11

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Mr Kirkland left for Dundee this morning. Webb drove him to Banbury.

Called at Mrs Mawle’s – she is somewhat better but I did not see her.

Buried Mr Haynes’s Baby. Weather very cold – I caught cold standing in Churchyard with only skull-cap on.

Divine Service in School at 6.30 this evening.

Meeting, which Mr Hiorns had thoughtlessly called for 7 o’clock, was held in School room at 7.30. I stated that as it was not a “vestry” I was not ex-officio Chairman – and they must therefore choose one. Mr R Lamb proposed me – I therefore took the chair. A good number of rate-payers present. I took the Award with me but as the place where the Bridle road in question was mentioned could not be found, Fred Inns offered to take Award home to read it through. I had an objection to its going out of the custody of self and Churchwardens – but did not press it as against Inns. However those present did not seem to like his having it. I therefore brought it away with me promising to find the reference if possible. Mr Hiorns arrived very late. Mr Hitchcox was there.