Stevens 1894-12-27

Text, letter

St John Evangelist’s Day. Divine service at 11 am. Frosty, bright sunshine. Frank walked to Banbury to lunch with the Fortescues and tea at Mr Rose’s and to go to Adderbury to stay the night at Dr Robertson’s.

Scripsi applicationem? pro officio principalis in Collegium ad edocendum magistros Scholarum Elementariarum ad Cheltenham.

I have written an application for the office of Principal at the College for educating teachers of Elementary Schools at Cheltenham. See 17 January 1895


Cutting from the Banbury Advertiser, 27 December 1894:


AT THE FIRST PARISH COUNCIL MEETING, all five of the Parish Councillors were present, viz., Messrs. F. Inns, J. Abbott, J. Lamb, G. Spicer, and D. Sabin ; also Mr. Lamb, by virtue of his office. After the legal formalities, the meeting was proceeded with by the election of Mr. Daniel Sabin as provisional chairman, Mr. Frederick Inns being unanimously elected chairman for the year, Mr. Lamb was duly elected to fill the office of clerk. No treasurer being forthcoming the appointment was left over to the next meeting, inquiry to be made in the meantime. It was also resolved that an order be given to the overseers for a payment of £5, payable on the 15th of January next, to meet expenses incurred, and a small available balance to hand. The meeting was of a most interesting character throughout, a few of the public being present to watch the proceedings.

The meeting was held on 4 December.