Stevens 1894-11-16

Text, letter

Drove Bell and Rosa to Banbury. The day was very fine and the roads washed clean by the heavy rain. We sent apples and pears to Aunt Emma and Frank.

We have posted this week to addresses of Schools in Calendar of College of Preceptors 600 prospectuses of the ACS. We were told at the GWR at 2.15 pm that the daily papers had not yet arrived from London as the line South of Oxford was rendered impassable by floods, and at last communication was opened by means of coaches on the road. We met Mr and Mrs Graham Jones in Banbury and also Mr Trumper. We got back about 6 pm.

“ACS” is the “Analytical Classical Series” of books which Stevens authored jointly with Rev Hawker Hughes. There are several references in the diary to receiving a share of the sales income. List of diary references to ACS.