Stevens 1894-08-14

Text, letter

The weather is very unsettled and bad for my farmers who have begun harvesting.

Flower Show concert given in school room this evening. Boys Hillman, C Barnes and Tom Lines behaved badly, and I reproved them. Miss Dix told me afterwards that the entertainment was too long, that the behaviour was worse in other villages. I replied that I would not allow any excuse for them as they disturbed the singers and actors of set purpose and prevented others from hearing.

Mrs Page and Mrs Kerr, Mr Gulley and his sister and Mr and Mrs Riddle, with son and daughter were here to supper. Gulley and his sister stayed all night, at Mrs Cluff’s and Mrs Elley’s.

Major Norris called this morning and asked my permission to shoot over farm and Allotments. I replied that as far as I could, representing the Trustees, I gave it willingly.

Pasted into the diary:

Programme 14 Aug 1894.

1. Pianoforte duet Rev H and Miss Gulley
2. Song “The Promise of Life” Miss L Thame

3. Song “The Leopard”
“The Powder Monkey”

Mr Gulley
Mr Marriott
4. Song “I dunno where ‘e are” Mr F Stevens
5. Plantation SOng “De Ole Banjo” Sibford Choral Society
6. Song “Powder Monkey” Rev H Gulley
7. Song “In the chinmeny corner” Miss Cluff
8. Song “The Old Brigade” Rev A E Riddle
9. Song in character “My Old Dutch” Mr F Stevens
10. Song “Blow High” Mr G Poulton
11. Song “The Gift” Miss D Thame
12. Song “The Boatswain’s Story” Rev H Gulley
13. Duet & dance “The old couple’s polka” Miss & Mr F Stevens
14. Song “The British Grenadiers” Rev A E Riddle
15. Song “Two spoons” Mr Marriott
16. Pianoforte duet Misses D & L Thame
17. “Roses” Hon Mrs Peverell, Mrs Lindsey Page, Col S Clair, Mr F Stevens
18. Plantation Song “Good nights” S.C.S.
“National Anthem”