Stevens 1894-06-19

Text, letter

Fine and warmer. Visited E Scruby Senior and Junior Cassell, F Inns, Mrs Alcock, Widow J Lamb. Took Kitty Rogers and Miss Sottick for a walk round Sibford Ferris., Pitch Hill, “Pig & Whistle”, the Heath, to Epwell corner and home by Pound Lane. Met Thomas Aris who went with his daughter Patience yesterday to see his son Robert in the Infirmary of the workhouse yesterday. He thought the lad could not last long and “had a thought” in his mind that he was not fed as he should be. “The boy was powerless to feed himself and should have food put into his mouth at short intervals.” I asked him whether he had said anything to the nurse about it. He said “no.” But some little meat pies he had taken him a fortnight ago were in his cupboard still, as well as oranges, etc. I told him that if he thought the boy was neglected he should speak to the Nurse Matron or Master about it and perhaps they would satisfy him that he had misjudged them.