Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Saturday, 20th October, 1877 

Married John Dumbleton and Eliza Mobbs. The former belongs to Hook Norton but has been working for Daniel Sabin at Temple Mill. The latter belongs to a place near Buckingham (Tingewick, I believe) and has been in service for some time with Richard Lamb of Sibford Ferris. They are going to live at a cottage in the fields this side of Hook Norton village, but in Hook Norton parish.

Canon Payne called this afternoon to bring a letter intended for me but addressed to him at Sibford. It was from a Mrs Cook, Hillmorton House, Hillmorton, Rugby, asking the character of Sylvia Fardon whom she had engaged as a servant. I replied to the effect that she and her parents were respectable persons but that I knew nothing of her capabilities as a servant.

John Prophett of Sibford called in response to a note I had sent him and I let him Sibford Ferris allotment no. 16, lately held by Charles Lines. I read the rules to him and he said he quite understood and would take care not to break them.

Received receipt for contribution to Radcliffe Infirmary £3.10.

The Hospital offertory amounted to £7.3.6 as follows:

Collected in church at Harvest Festival October 7 1st   13.
2nd 2. 6. 10½
3rd 2. 7. 6
Added afterwards   5. 7. 5
Dr Routh     5. 0
Joshua Holtom, Sibford Ferris   1. 0. 0
Anonymous     2. 0
Miss Cook     2. 6
Heath tenants     2. 2
Widow Cakebread       3
Church Box     4. 2


Sometimes “Prophett”, sometimes “Prophet”.

Sunday, 21st October, 1877 

Banns of Marriage were put up for first time between John Young of Whichford and Martha Spicer of Sibford. The latter was for some years in the service of Mrs Baker of Brailes.

Posted receipts on church of

  • £3.13.6 to Horton
  • £3.10.0 to Radcliffe

and notice to following effect:

I shall be glad to meet at the school-room on Wednesday evening next October 24 at 7 pm any men and youths who may desire evening instruction during the winter in reading, writing or arithmetic and who are not already attending an evening class.

Taught in Boys’ Sunday School this morning and this afternoon. 22 boys present this afternoon.

Visited Mrs Mawle.

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