Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Sunday, 7th October, 1877 

Harvest Thanksgiving services, and collections for hospitals.

Holy Communion at 8. am. Communicants 21. Offertory 13.0½.

Second celebration: number 35, offertory £2.6.10½.

Afternoon offertory £2.7.6. Added 3(d).

Special Psalms, Lessons and Collects were used.

Visited Mrs Cakebread and Mrs Mawle.

Coins in offertory:

  Second morning Afternoon
Farthings 2
Halfpence 23 51
Pence 45 99
3 pennies 20 16
4 pennies 2 10
6 pennies 19 15
Shillings 18 19
Florins 2 1
Halfcrowns 2 1
  131 214

Monday, 8th October, 1877 

Thomas Rimell called about allotment. I let him one lately held by Richard Scruby and he paid rent in advance 12/6. I asked him why he and his wife were not at church yesterday. He said she was very unwell.

Miss Sarah Dix brought 2/- from an anonymous donor to the hospital fund.

Miss Harbage came on visit.

Poulton called. I gave him instructions to batten the damp side of Mr Elley’s parlour.

James Barnes called; seems very feeble.

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