Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Sunday, 9th September, 1877

Visited Elizabeth Gibbs, Mr Woolgrove and Joshua Lines’s wife.

Mr Montagu walked over this evening and had prayers.

I visited and taught in Boys’ Sunday School this morning.

Some boys who pretend to go to the Methodists’ Sunday School were wandering about when, to my mind, they ought to have been at school or chapel. I spoke to them but it did not appear to have any good effect. I spoke last week to Widow Lines of Sibford Ferris about her boys doing this, but she merely said that she thought I must be mistaken.

Monday, 10th September, 1877

Dined at Mr Cookes’s at Tadmarton this evening. Rev Walter and Mrs Bouchier were there. It is the latter’s first visit to this part of the country. I invited Mr Bouchier to preach at Sibford next Sunday, but he did not promise to do so.

Tuesday, 11th September, 1877

I wrote to Miss Wollaston of Tunbridge Wells last week asking for a contribution to the Library fund but have not yet heard from her.

Received notice of payment to Lands’ Improvement Company becoming due from Feoffees of Sibford Charity Estate on 25th inst.

Saturday, 15th September, 1877

Took luncheon at Mr Montagu’s with Mr and Mrs Bouchier.

Elizabeth Gibbs died this morning at half past six.

Visited Mrs Bond and her daughter. The latter is better than she was yesterday.

Sunday, 16th September, 1877

Visited Gibbs this morning and again this evening. His daughter Lucy Padbury told me her mother was to be buried in the Friends’ ground on Friday next.

Mr and Mrs Bouchier came over from Tadmarton to the service this afternoon. Mr B did not take any part in the service though I asked him to do so. There was an excellent congregation. They took tea at Miss Dix’s and Bell and myself were there too.

Visited Mrs Mawle, Mr Woolgrove and Joshua Lines. Also John Harris. Mrs Harris was very much hurt because Mr Bouchier did not call to see her. He certainly did wonders in seeing his old parishioners as it was.

Afternoon service (instead of evening) was resumed today.

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