Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Sunday, 19th August, 1877 

Mrs Coles and Mrs James Sabin were churched.

Visited Hannah Keens, but she was gone to bed.

Visited Samuel Woolgrove, J Buckingham.

Tuesday, 21st August, 1877

Mason from Bloxham brought tombstone etc and erected in churchyard to memory of late Mr Joseph Mawle. The lettering of the f’s in the words “affectionate” and “of ” makes them look like t’s.

Signed license paper for Tennant at Bishop Blaise Inn.

Wednesday, 22nd August, 1877 


  • James Sabin, ill
  • Elizabeth Gibbs, better
  • Joshua Lines’s wife, worse
  • Mr Pettipher senior, dropsy
  • Hannah Keene, better.

Friday, 24th August, 1877

St Bartholomew. Morning Prayer, Litany and Ante Communion.

Mrs Inns was churched.

Visited Widow Cakebread, Joseph Dale – Ill, Elizabeth Gibbs.

Saturday, 25th August, 1877

Elizabeth Gibbs’s daughter Mrs Padbury came this afternoon and asked me to go and see her mother as she thought she could not live. I went across and conversed and read and prayed with her.

Sunday, 26th August, 1877

Taught Boys’ Sunday School this morning.

Visited Buckingham – well and was at work from middle of week.


  • Widow Keene, better
  • Joshua Lines’s wife, a little better
  • Misses Dix who told me that the Buckinghams sent their children begging all over the place although Mrs Norris of Swalcliffe sent up to them almost every day.

Wednesday, 29th August, 1877 

Received letter from W H Pym, stonemason Shipston on Stour asking whether he might erect plain head stone in churchyard in memory of late Jesse Baldwin. I wrote to effect that he might on payment of usual fees. That the proposed inscription was unobjectionable but that he must let me see the stone before taking it into the churchyard.


  • Elizabeth Gibbs, worse
  • Widow Cakebread, who wished to receive H.C. and I have appointed Friday next at 12.

Visited Mr Joseph Dix whose very last moments are almost come. Mr George Dix of Swalcliffe, his brother, Mrs Dix and Miss Elizabeth Dix were present.

Went to Brailes this afternoon. Mr Smith very unwell.

On enquiry at 9 o’clock this evening Mr Dix was still sinking, Elizabeth Gibbs about the same.

Friday, 31st August, 1877

Miss S Dix called and arranged for funeral of Mr Joseph Dix to take place at 2 pm on Tuesday next.

Administered H.C. to Widow Cakebread and her granddaughter the school mistress.

Sent brandy to Reuben Sabin’s wife who is about to be confined and is very ill.

Sunday, 2nd September, 1877 

Holy Communion 37 communicants, offertories for Indian Famine Relief Fund, morning £1.4.8, evening £2.2.8, total £3.7.4.

Someone put a sovereign into the bag this evening, and the number of small coins was very great.

Visited Elizabeth Gibbs; gave her wine, also James Barnes who still seems very feeble, but attends his duties.

Visited Mrs Mawle this evening.

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