Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Saturday, 1st February, 1873

Called in Julius Hankey to see Harry who is not well.

Called on Mr Magrath, Senior Tutor of Queen’s. He said he had done so badly they could not admit him. He cannot spell, and makes no sense of his translation. I wrote to Mr Hutton senior and told him.

Sunday, 2nd February, 1873

Heavy fall of snow. Julius Sankey came home with me from Littlemore to see Harry. I took all duty at Sandford this afternoon.

Monday, 3rd February, 1873

W Hutton, senior, wrote asking me to keep on his son. Harry’s bill at Magdalene College School for half year £9.2.9.

Tuesday, 18th March, 1873

Paid Richardson Solicitor, of Bristol, 13/4 charged for “Myself v Bessell”. Paid Abbott and Nicholls for Billiard Balls 18/6.

Sunday, 23rd March, 1873

Bell went to Cheltenham by 4.10 train, but arrived too late to see her mother alive.

Mr Lee and Mr Robin called this evening.

Wednesday, 2nd April, 1873

Mrs Owen called and asked me to take her son as a pupil for the Easter Vacation. I declined.

Drove to Sandford and took all duty this evening.

Wednesday, 16th April, 1873

Went to Footscray with Louie and Lottie in Mountain’s carriage and pair.

Received from Longmans on account of G.L.B. £100.

Monday, 28th April, 1873

Harry at home this morning.

Wrote to Bishop of Oxford (Mackarness) about my ordination to the Priesthood.

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