Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, April 22, Wednesday 

High wind and clouds of dust.

Visited John Horsman and wife, also Thomas Webb.

Alice and I walked to Brailes this evening to take some Four Shire Books, but did not call at the Vicarage.

1885, April 23, Thursday 

Pleasant shower this morning.

Drove to Banbury and took duty at Savings Bank.

Visited Anna Aris and Miss Dix.

Met Dr Routh who told me he wished to withdraw from the Trusteeship of the Town Estate, because Mr Mann had told Robert Austin what transpired at the last meeting which has made the latter very dissatisfied and rude to the doctor in consequence. I told Routh that we could not spare him and that if R. Austin was rude he had better take no notice of him; Austin can not have any right to complain at having to leave the farm, for it was he who gave the Trustees notice.

1885, April 24, Friday


Buried Joseph Pettipher’s baby.

Visited School and taught.
F. Inns, saw Mrs Inns and family
T Meadows, J. Holder.

Vestry meeting held in Schoolroom about the pond. I in Chair. No resolution come to.

Mr Richard Lamb proposed “that the Vestry approve of the plan adopted by the Rural Sanitary Authority except that it is desirable to enclose it at the ends, so as not to leave a passage for cattle through it.”

Mr W. Fox proposed “that this Vestry approve of the plan adopted by the R.S.A.”

Mr F. Inns proposed “that the R.S.A. be requested to leave the pond in same shape, of same size and with same walling as before – simply repairing where absolutely necessary.”

There were 27 ratepayers present, but a majority of those present did not vote for any motion. I therefore declared them all lost, which I was very sorry to do.

1885, April 25, Saturday 

St Mark’s Day. Divine Service at 9.15 am.

Visited Eliza Hancox, George Harris junior, Ben (Ann) Messenger, John (Ann) West, T. Holland, William Holland (no one home), Anna Aris, S. Keen and Thomas Wilks.

Buried Ann Dyer.

Miss Annie Norris sent up a wickerwork wheelchair for Rosa’s use – but it is not large enough for her. The wind was so high that it blew both boy and chair.

Received also a carrying chair from Mr Haddon; Cheltenham but it was useless.

1885, April 26, Sunday 

Received in Vestry after service the girls recently confirmed and gave them their communion Books – the Bishop of Bedford’s Manual.

Attended Choir practice this evening.

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