Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, July 29, Tuesday 

Attended re-opening of Sutton under Brailes Church by Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol.

Harry came home unexpectedly and rather unwell having resigned his mastership in Derby School.

1879, July 30, Wednesday 

Mr Maclean returned from London. Mr and Mrs Smith and the girls came. The girls to tea, Mr and Mrs Smith afterwards.

1879, July 31, Thursday

Alice Holtom having returned from the Hon. Mrs Hamilton at Pimlico, Mrs Smith asked me yesterday whether she would be able to go to her for a few weeks to do needlework, as her servant who usually does it is ill. As Alice was willing to go I sent Webb to drive her over to Brailes.

Visited David Hone and Jarvis.

1879, August 1, Friday

Went to Brailes Vicarage to luncheon to meet Mr Hicks Rector of Fenny Compton and his wife.

Smallpox and scarlet fever at Brailes.

1879, August 2, Saturday

Severe storm of thunder and lightning this evening. Harry Shelswell brought his work to me this morning.

1879, August 3, Sunday

Visited the Misses Dix this evening. Miss M Dix of Brighton was there.

I have ordered of Hancox of Lower Tysoe a stone to memory of late James Barnes with following inscription – about which I conferred with the Dixes a week or ten days ago.

Erected by subscription to the memory of James Barnes, for 25 years clerk of this Parish. Born etc. Died etc

“I am the Resurrection and the Life saith the Lord.”

This evening, although I had considered the matter of this inscription settled to the general satisfaction, Misses E and M Dix expressed an opinion that “Erected by Subscription” was open to objection as not being warm enough. I said I had considered it settled and had given orders accordingly and that probably it was too late to make any alteration even if I desired to do so, which I did not, as I thought, considering all things, we could not improve upon what had been settled.

Attended Sunday School this morning and Choir practice this evening.

Visited Sally Green who has an attack of erysipelas in the left eye, supposed to have been brought on by her carrying on her head for 14 miles a bundle of dirty old clothes belonging to her son “Tim” whom she went to see a week or two ago. She shewed me the clothes which she had washed and mended with much loving care – a coat, waistcoat and two pairs of cord trousers. She was very proud of the “clean and comfortable and respectable suit, even to a shirt” which she had ready for him when he comes home – though they were “as black as your coal sir” she said “and as filthy too.”

Holy Communion this morning. Offertory 15/4.

1879, August 4, Monday 

Mr Smith, Sophie, Hattie and myself accompanied Warwickshire Archaeological Society on excursion to Coventry, staying at Leamington for an hour or two on the way. Very fine and pleasant day.

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