Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Saturday, 25th January, 1879 

Visited Mrs Pettipher of Woodway farm. She and her son spoke about my letter to Joseph Manning respecting his ordering the brick grave for her husband without my permission or payment of fee. After a good deal of somewhat rude language she said it was done in entire ignorance, and that whatever fee was due to me should be paid. I told her I should never ask her for it. She said her late husband offered the Churchwardens one shilling as his share of the contribution toward the church expenses for a year – and refused to give more because they did not make Fardon (quite a poor man) pay more. Mrs P and her son, to my surprise and disgust maintained that this was proper conduct – and said that the letter I wrote to Mr P on the subject a year or two ago did not need an answer. She was very excited, but calmed down before I left and read me several letters she had received from Clergymen and others sympathizing with her in her bereavement.

Monday, 27th January, 1879

Richard Austin of Sibford Ferris called for some taxes. I spoke to him about his never coming to Church. He said he could not bear the noise and that if he went anywhere it was to “Meeting” – but that was very seldom. I tried to show him his duty, I fear in vain. He has a great deal of religious talk in him and seems inclined to “Quakerism”. Some of his notions as to Christian doctrine are very crude, not to say heretical.

Canon Payne called. Spoke about Insurances on Farm and School buildings. He and Mr Norris had been talking about the increase ordered at last Trustees meeting and had agreed that they might be insured for a less sum than was then ordered; but said he could not expect me to make any alteration in what was ordered at the meeting. I told him I had done what was requested the day following the meeting. I added that the School, house etc were all insured separately and that I did not think the amounts too large. He appeared to change his view on hearing that.

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