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Sibford Scene 413 June 2019

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A close up of a flower

Ladies' Lunch

You may have seen our advertisement for a Ladies’ Lunch to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research. We are thrilled to be able to announce that this has taken place with huge success making £2720 which represents 136 hours of research into this most dreadful decease. We actually had 83 women come along to this; they feasted on Chicken Marengo (the name of Napoleon’s horse); laughed at the stories from (horse vet) Alan Walker; made a wonderful din with their chatter and gave very generously to the cause. We are extremely grateful for all the support we received.

Jean Scouse, Sue Lovatt (and family and friends)

The Pond Action Group

Plans developed by the Pond Action Group for rejuvenating the village pond are in process. If we are successful, we will be able to improve the water quality and encourage wildlife back to the pond including native fish, pond skaters, water beetles and dragonflies. The planting plans and illustrations were very well received at The Annual Community Meeting of the Parishes on 9th May. Please do take a look (page 18 of this Scene) and let us know your thoughts. Many Thanks.

The Pond Action Group

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