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Sibford Scene 052 December 1981

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Drawing of a tree

Royal British Legion

Having been a member of the Committee of the Royal British Legion in Sibford, I wish to convey to the residents of the Sibfords and Burdrop that I am bitterly opposed to the Branch being disbanded and am hoping to join a more active Branch.

E.M. Nelder

Banbury Guardian

I have been writing a column about the village’s activities in the Banbury Guardian for about six months now, and wonder if anyone else would like to have a go. The Banbury Guardian refunds the cost of any phone calls, postage etc. and also the cost of the paper each week. You would then earn 3p a line. Mr Abbott has very kindly been delivering my copy to the newspaper office in Banbury every Monday morning, and I’m sure would continue to do so.

You don’t have to type your copy, and it’s not difficult to write, as everyone has been very helpful and friendly indeed, so that I very much enjoy doing it. It’s only a matter of a couple of hours or less each.week, but, even so, changing circumstances at home are making it more difficult for me to find the time, and I would be glad to hand over to anyone else who feels they would like to try it.

Sue Colquhoun

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