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Sibford Scene 018 October 1978

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Somewhere to sit

Ferreting around the Ferris, you may have noticed our resurrected ferrous seat. This has been the concern of a renegade Ferrisian who, doubtless, twinged by conscience, has for the last few months been lobbying anyone whom he thought might help.

The parish has now five seats. Those marching on the Gower and Hook Norton face outwards, those at the Elm face inwards. Perhaps some friendly Freudian could read something into this.


Suggestions welcome – ed.


Ferris Musician, Frank Underwood, and group, Windsong, have produced a record of the work, Windsong – A Sampler. The 4-track record gives a taste of the range of their music, described as mainly folk rock, and is on sale for £1.10 at the Bishop’s Blaize. The group is planning a concert at the Chipping Norton Theatre on October 14th.

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