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Sibford Scene 016 July - August 1978

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A Sibford quiz for a rainy day

  1. How many metres above sea level is the Friends’ School?
  2. Now convert that to old fashioned feet for your parents’ benefit.
  3. Where would you find Mrs. Isabelle Stevens?
  4. What times are the postal collections from the Sibfords?
  5. Why was November 9th, 1957 a great day for Sibford?
  6. Why might you have seen Crusader Knights at Temple Mill in the Middle Ages?
  7. What is the complete telephone dialling code for Sibford? (Swalcliffe exchange).
  8. What connection is “Keep the Home Fires Burning” said to have with Sibford?
  9. Who represents Sibford on the Cherwell District Council?
  10. Where is the Patron Saint of the wool trade commemorated?

No prizes, but we will give the answers in September.

… And while we are asking local questions, can anyone explain why The Colony is so called?

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