Friends Meeting House Temple Mill Road Sibford Gower OX15 5RX
Sibford Gower

T1 x Laurel - Remove stems touching wall as causing damage. T2 x Elder - Fell as damaging wall. T3 x Walnut - crown raise by up to 2.0m all round, reduce branching back from gable by 2.0m. T4 x Lawson; multi-stemmed - Fell as in poor condition. T5 x Yew - Crown raise by up to 3.0m, remove leaning stem over boundary. G1 x Yew - Crown raise all by up to 3.0m. T6 x Beech - Crown raise to 2.0m. T7 x Yew - crow raise up to 2.5m all round, clear driveway to a minimum height of 4.0m. T8 x Holly - Fell to ground level as close to building.

Permitted on Tue 24 Aug 2021