Filming and recording of parish council meetings

Members of the public are welcome to report the meetings of Sibford Ferris Parish Council, providing the meeting is open to the public. Reporting can comprise filming, recording, the taking of photographs and the use of social media such as blogging or tweeting.

At the start of the meeting the Chair will make an announcement to confirm that all or part of the meeting may be photographed, audio recorded or filmed.

The Chair has the discretion to halt any reporting for a number of reasons including disruption caused by the filming, or the nature of the business being conducted. The Chair will also indicate when the meeting is closed to the public for discussion of exempt (confidential) items.

Whilst anyone filming or photographing the meeting should refrain from filming or photographing the public seating, the council cannot guarantee a seat or location that is outside the range of any camera, broadcasting, or recording equipment. Therefore, by entering the meeting room and using the public seating area you are consenting to being filmed, photographed or recorded and to the possible use of those images and sound recordings through public and commercial outlets.

Whilst you are allowed to photograph, film or record the meeting, you are not permitted to provide an audio commentary during the meeting as this would be disruptive.

If you are intending to photograph, audio record or film this meeting, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Stay within the public area of the meeting and ensure that your filming or recording is not obtrusive and does not disrupt the meeting.
  • Do not provide an audio commentary during the meeting.
  • Be mindful of the common law duty of confidentiality. You could place yourself at risk of being sued by another private individual if you disclose confidential personal information about such persons.
  • Ensure that the way the record is used is not edited or amended in a way that alters or inaccurately reflects what took place.
  • If publishing the recording do so in a format that enables its reuse on a non-commercial basis by local people and organisations.

If you have any queries regarding this please contact the Parish Clerk.