Planning Applications

This page lists recent planning applications for the two Sibford parishes. They are removed from this page after about six months, but can still be found on the Cherwell District Council website .

This page is created as a convenience for Sibford residents; although we do our best to keep it complete and up to date, you should refer to the CDC website for critical information.

Click on a map marker to popup a list of applications at that location; then click on a reference number to view details on the CDC website. Use the tick-boxes at top-right corner of the map to restrict which types of application are displayed.

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T1 x Silver Maple - Reduce side growth over boundary by up to 2 metres T2 - T3 x Field Maple - Crown raise up to 5 metres and reduce remaining face over garden by 2 metres T4 x Cedar - Remove lowest limb with kinked upright rubbing on neighbouring branch T5 x Cyprus - Remove small leaning tree on fence

Permitted on Mon 14 Nov 2022

T1 x Birch - Crown reduce by 3m, lowest extended limb over garage roof. Refuce remaining side of crown by 2m to balance. T2 x Juniper - Over mature beginning to separate fell. T3 x Cyprus - Remove to ground level, poor specimen covered in Ivy.

Decision due by Fri 21 Oct 2022

T1 x Birch - Crown lift 5 metres and remove limb growing through Rowan T2 - T3 x Holly - Reduce by 1 metre and trim side growth to shape T4 x Bird Cherry - Crown lift by 5 metres to clear fruit trees and crown thin T5 x Cherry - Reduce to previous points up to to 2 metres T6 x Hazel - Crown thin by 10% and Crown lift by 2.5 metres

Decision due by Mon 19 Sep 2022

T1 x Hybrid Poplar - Fell. loss of codominant stem during high winds. Competing with adjacent native species. In close proximity to neighbouring structure for long term retention. Allow adjacent trees to become fully mature, with good form and condition. T2 x Birch - Clear partially failed tree. Windblown

Permitted on Wed 29 Jun 2022

Single storey rear extension to dwelling and extension to and conversion of existing outbuilding to habitable accommodation (revised scheme of 21/01712/F to enlarge the approved extension to the outbuilding and to vary the roof material to the existing lean-to section of the building)

Permitted on Mon 6 Jun 2022