Scam Telephone Call

A recent near miss – but well done!

Claiming to be a Detective Chief Inspector from Holborn Police Station (the Met), this crook very nearly persuaded  a resident from the Gower to part with a substantial sum of money. He said he had a woman in custody who had access to the victim’s bank accounts and required confirmation of the account details. He advised the victim to phone 999 to check the veracity of the call, but kept her telephone line open for nearly an hour, so that any such calls would go direct to him.

Together with the Bank’s Security,  who had contacted her to query the amount, our victim relied on her instinct that there was a problem, and fortunately cancelled the transaction before it was too late.

The “policeman” was very persuasive , very persistent and very cross at seeing his fraud fail.

1-0 to the good guys!

Peter Hine, Gower & Burdrop Neighbourhood Watch, 01295 788 830