Landowner Deposit: Land at Folly Farm


From Countryside Records at Oxfordshire County Council:

Land at Folly Farm, Grange Lane, Sibford Ferris, Swalcliffe, OX15 5RG

Our reference: 2024

The owner of the above land has submitted a Highways Statement to Oxfordshire County Council which prevents unrecorded public rights of way from being legally recorded on the basis of presumed dedication in the future.

Attached are a copy of the notice, explanatory note and the plan.

The application can be found on our website at:

This notice is for information only, you cannot object to the application received. Routes that are already legally recorded are unaffected by this application. The legal record is called the definitive map of public rights of way, and is available online at

However, rights of way may exist that are not recorded on the definitive map. If you believe there is a route that should be added to the definitive map and it meets the legal tests for recording a public right of way then you can apply for a definitive map modification order (DMMO). For more information on this please see:

Explanatory Note Statement