Sibford Gower Parish Council – Vacancy for Part Time Clerk & RFO

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Deadline for applications Friday 31 January.

A part-time opportunity to work for the village! We are currently advertising for the part-time position of Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to Sibford Gower Parish Council. We would particularly welcome applications from within the village. It makes so much difference when the clerk is already familiar with the community that we serve.

The successful applicant will maintain the accounts of the Council and oversee payments to local contractors; be the principal point of contact with Cherwell District Council for planning purposes and prepare the paperwork for and organise the quarterly parish council meetings and the annual parish meeting; and provide guidance and professional support to the 4, likely 5, parish councillors. We enjoy close working relations with the Town Estates Charity and with the Parish Council in Sibford Ferris, for both of which the applicant too would be the principal point of contact.

You can find more details of what we get up to and how we operate on this website:

There is a section there on our priorities (Section 3) , and the successful applicant would be expected to be very much part of their further development and evolution.

The applicant will work from home and must be self-motivated and have excellent administration, IT and communication skills. Previous experience is desirable but not essential. Training, support and advice is available from the Parish’s membership of the Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils, and the relationship between local councils and Cherwell District Council is also a highly supportive one.

The post is notionally for just 5 hours per week and will include attendance at Council meetings, currently held in the village’s Primary School, but the hours are otherwise flexible and include normal personal and statutory holiday provision.

Salary for the year is presently set at £2,696.20 being based on the NALC National Salary Award rates for 2019/20 at the New Spinal Column Point 8 + all expenses incurred in the role. This would be subject to review on an annual basis.

Might you consider it? Please email your CV and an expression of interest in a covering letter to Cllr Hugh Pidgeon at:

The closing date for applications is 5.30pm Friday 31st January 2020. Interviews will be held in the second week in February.