Sibford Gower Parish Council response to the Blaze Inn Saddles planning appeal

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The Parish Council are aware that some parishioners have concerns that the Parish Council will not be able to make a response to appeal reference APP/C3105/W/22/3295704 relating to the Blaze Inn Saddles/The Pheasant Pluckers Inn. On this occasion the Parish Clerk has used her delegated powers as the Proper Officer to make a response on behalf of the council. The response submitted today is as follows:

‘Since the submission of the original planning application and the Parish Council’s subsequent response the membership of the Parish Council has changed resulting in the applicant, the applicant’s wife, and 1 neighbour mentioned in the application now being council members. Due to their personal interests in this application they cannot be involved in the Parish Council discussions relating to this application and obviously it would not be an option for them to speak on behalf of the council at the appeal, particularly as the Parish Council’s response was to object to the application. This does not leave a quorum of councillors who can make a decision about any further response therefore I must use my delegated powers to respond as the Proper Officer.  

In order to make my decision regarding how to proceed I have discussed the appeal with the remaining councillors and have considered the strong feeling within the parish about this application. On the basis that we believe an appeal is just to review the correctness of Cherwell District Council’s decision on this application and does not include any amendments from the original application (as surely that would require a new application rather than an appeal?) the Parish Council have nothing further to add to the original response. We cannot send someone to speak on behalf of the Parish Council at the appeal hearing but would like to ensure that the original objection from the Parish Council is fully taken into account when deciding the outcome of the appeal.

We are aware that individual responses to the appeal have been submitted by Mr Roger Mallows and Mr David Allen. We can confirm that Mr Mallows and Mr Allen were councillors at the time of the original parish council response.’