Sibford Gower Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting

A group of people sitting in front of a crowd

Sibford Gower Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting – Tuesday, 19th October at 7.15pm in Sibford Village Hall

The main item for this meeting will be to address issues contained in the latest stage of the CDC Local plan review 2040. The Community Involvement Paper 2: Developing our Options can now be accessed at 

Although quite a lengthy document, it is important to our local community as it seeks to focus on developing a sustainable local community, meeting the climate change challenge and healthy place shaping, with implications for  potential housing development in the area until 2040.

The Sibford Gower Parish Profile collates all the current information which CDC currently holds on Sibford Gower.

The Parish Council are keen to hear the views of all residents, helping to contribute to the collective response. However, CDC also welcomes and encourages responses from individuals and other representative groups as an essential part of the consultation process.

The consultation period ends on 10th November. Comments can be submitted online at  or by email or post. (See public notice below)

Local Plan Review Public Notice Sept 2021