Sibford Ferris Emergency Plan

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Sibford Ferris Parish Council is trying to put together an Emergency Plan for the parish using a template provided by Oxfordshire County Council. The template suggests we include details of local people/businesses who may be able to help in an emergency such as Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, Mechanics, Carpenters, Local Shops, 4×4 owners, tractor owners, Farmers, and chainsaw owners.  If you feel you could help in an emergency with any of these items and you are happy for your details to be included in the Emergency Plan please contact the parish clerk providing your contact details and the areas in which you could help. Please note the Emergency Plan is a confidential document that is held by the Parish Council, and the County Council and is only passed on to any emergency services in the event of an emergency so your details will not be made public.

The Parish Clerk can be contacted by e-mail: or telephone: 01295 275372.