Swift housing development in Sibford

A cat sitting on top of a wooden doorLocal swifts will soon benefit from a brand new 4 storey luxury housing development in Mannings Close. They won’t even have to forage for nesting material. It should be up and ready for occupation before they return from Africa in early May.

The sound of swifts screaming overhead is a sure sign of summer. Until they are two or three years old, swifts live entirely on the wing, before they return to their own place of birth to find a nesting place and breed. But thanks to modern building practices and renovations, the supply of suitable nesting places has been dwindling. If you would like to help reverse the decline, as several people in Sibford are already, please consider installing a nest box or two. For more information, a good place to start is Bristol Swifts, or contact me, Tim Huckvale.