Church services at Christmas

Christmas tree in church

Churchwarden Barbara Foster writes: It is a sign of the times that we need to ask for reservations for church service. Sadly this is necessary to ensure that safe distancing is maintained. There are still places available, so feel free to book via for Christmas Eve.  Remember masks are compulsory in churches; should you forget your own, we have disposable ones available.

The PCC have revisited the situation regarding Christmas Services and have unanimously agreed that the Christmas Day service be cancelled.  This is because it would have been less than 72 hours after the Christmas Eve service, the acknowledged time period required to quarantine a building. The alternative would be to deep clean the church and as we are mainly in the elderly, vulnerable category we feel we should not be attempting this. It is with great sadness that we feel these actions are necessary, better safe than sorry.

There are Christmas morning services in other churches in the Benefice; details can be found on the Wykeham Benefice website and in the Wykeham Benefice News. There will be Zoom Holy Communion services at 5pm on 27th December and 10am on 3rd January. You can also attend Church at Home online.

Wishing you a blessed, peaceful and safe Christmas. If you are alone and would like to call for a friendly chat, please ring me on 788 541, or contact the Sibford Support Group.