Ditchedge Lane safe – at least for now

A path with trees on the side of a dirt field

Warwickshire CC has published applications to “upgrade” Ditchedge lane and its continuation north along Beggars Lane from “bridleway” to “byway”, which could mean that it will be open to motorised traffic. There can’t be many (any?) Sibford residents who think that this would be a good idea – see the heartfelt posts on Nextdoor.

Several local people have now discussed this issue with Marion Borman, Warwickshire’s Definitive Map Review Officer, and it has become clear that no change to the status of the bridleways is being contemplated at present or in the near future. If the unlikely event that the applications are taken any further, there will be official opportunities for public consultation.

You can find the applications at https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/dmmostratford , where the application relating to Ditchedge Lane is described as “Brailes upgrade bridleway to byway” (MSS63TR). The one for Beggars Lane is the second (MZ221TR) of the two applications that have the description “Brailes add footpath”.

(The picture is looking south down Ditchedge Lane, near Traitor’s Ford.)