Sibford Drivers available from 1 July

Mary and Norman Nash write: We are pleased that our article in the May copy of the Scene has produced 32 volunteers and we will be commencing our service to our fellow residents in July.

We are delighted and most grateful to Margaret Gardiner for agreeing to act as “Hub” in the first instance and you will see that Margaret is the first named each week on the rota for taking requests for a lift.

The first rota is attached below and anyone seeking a lift within or up to a ten mile radius of the village should telephone Margaret in the first instance. If Margaret is unavailable to answer please then try the second named, first on their house phone and as a last resort on their mobile, the number of which (if available) is also given. The two names on the rota have not been asked to sit by their telephones all the week but we hope the arrangements described will find you a driver. You will be asked how long you wish to stay at your destination i.e. a visit to the surgery or village hall for a film or to church or for a lengthy visit to an old friend may well necessitate a different driver to take you home.

The driver will be making a small charge to cover petrol and maintenance costs at the rate of 30p per mile. Note that the distance to Banbury, Shipston-on-Stour and Chipping Norton are all about 7 miles and a journey there and back would be about £4.50 depending on where exactly you wish to be taken. If the driver is unable to wait to take you home, you will be requested to pay a similar sum to the second driver.

We do hope that the inhabitants of Sibford will use this service as the volunteers are very keen that you should and will be disappointed if they have no requests; nobody likes to feel unwanted!

Residents will be aware of similar services organised mainly in Banbury for hospital and other appointments further afield. These are:

Further details are available of all these for those with access to websites.

Any questions or comments please to Mary & Norman Nash, 780980 or

Sibford Drivers Rota 1