SGPC – Join our team?

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An opportunity to join the Sibford Gower Parish Council!

You may have seen from the formal notification posted on this website and on the Council’s notice board that Trina Crilley and Tony Skowronski have needed to step down from their role as members of the Gower Council.  We are enormously grateful to both of them for the time and the energy they contributed while they were with us. 

But due process having been followed, we are now free to co-opt two new councillors to join the team. As relatively new councillors ourselves, we are thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. Much of the work that was needed when we first joined has been done, and we would very much like to speak with anyone who might be interested in joining us. 

If you are a resident of the Gower and are interested – or would simply like to know more about what that would involve – could you let our clerk Vanessa Mulley know, and she’ll put you in touch with us:

Vanessa Mulley

(Please see the attached Application Form which gives full details of the legal criteria for becoming a Parish Councillor)

Hugh Pidgeon

David Allen

Roger Mallows