Down to Earth

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Hook Norton Memorial Hall

Hook Norton Low Carbon invite you to a showing of the film Down to Earth.

Free admission. Light refreshments. The evening will include a facilitated dialogue after the film.

There is an additional opportunity to see the film, on Tuesday 17 September, at 7.30pm in the Hook Norton Sports and Social Club.

DOWN to EARTH is the story of a London couple breaking away from society with their three children aged 10, 7 and 6, to find a new perspective on life. For five years, travelling six continents, the family goes on a journey of discovery to capture the wisdom of the Earth Keepers. They live with indigenous communities who have retained a natural balance and live in harmony with their surroundings, far removed from the technologically focused cultures of today. There is no crew, no production team, just one backpack and one camera each.

Many of the Earth Keepers featured in this documentary were hesitant to be on film. Having lived in hiding for centuries, they saw that now is the time to step forward and share their insights with those who are ready to listen. Their messages portray a way of living that shares a clear and transcendent vision of life on planet Earth, unaffected by man-made laws.

For more information contact Hugh Pidgeon on 07779 149 677.

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Join us to take an entirely fresh look at the environment and climate crises, and the dilemmas facing us all.

We didn’t inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children
Chief Seattle