Stevens 1894-08-08

Text, letter

Dr Routh sent me a note asking me as a great favour to read part of the funeral service over his late wife’s body in Church and to let it then be taken to the Quakers’ Ground for burial. After consideration I went to Miss Dix’s where the note had been written. Miss D., Miss S. D. and Mary Thame were there. There was no time to consult Dr Wood, the Archdeacon, or the Bishop, so after reading the Burial act of 1880 which permits a clergyman to read the Funeral Service in unconsecrated ground, I thought, in the exercise of Charity, I should be able to accede to the Doctor’s request. But I did not make up my mind till after my return home, when I wrote a note to Dr Routh and Miss Dix that I would accede to the request. The doctor sent a grateful reply. I preserve both his letters.