Stevens 1886-07-08

Text, letter

A Mr Wettenhall, Superintendent of Sunday School in which Katie teaches, writes to Stan asking for an interview as he wishes to propose for Katie’s hand. He is a man in delicate health nearly 40 years of age, big, and occupying no particular position. A good fellow enough but not the sort of man to be mated with little Katie. The father is indignant nay more, enraged for a time. However, he consults Katie, who says she has great esteem for him but no affection; but that her feeling is such that if she were thrown alone on the world she could very well trust herself to him.

I did not go out at all today, but rested, the weather being very hot. Stan gave me a full account of his family affairs.

  1. Mr Morgan, whose wife died last Christmas, and who has known Lottie Eve for many years wants to marry her, but Stan thinks it would not be becoming for him to propose to her yet. He is a good and religious man who has grown up family, one son in Holy Orders and a daughter who is to be married to a Clergyman next month. Stan says his business income is about £3000 a year, and he has saved £25000.
  2. Mr Wettenhall wants to propose for Katie, and Stan having accorded him an interview said it could not be allowed.
  3. Max Schlesinger, a young German gentleman of Jewish extraction, brother of a friend of Stan’s, wants to be allowed to pay his addresses to Alice with a view to matrimony. Stan does not like it. The man is not a Christian, but has promised to be baptized and become a member of the Church of England. Stan will not make any promise. I afterwards learnt that the young man had been rejected even after his baptism. The young man came to see Alice this evening.