Stevens 1885-06-30

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Fine. Breakfasted in Oxford Street after an hour’s walk and then visited the Royal Academy. Walked thence to Army and Navy Hotel, where I dined with W. Wingate – meeting his brother Reginald on my way who was going to dine with some friends. After dinner Wingate and I went to the Globe Theatre to see a comedy called The Private Secretary, which was very amusing. I walked back as far as the Army and Navy Hotel with W. where I took leave of him, without going in, as it was late. He has arranged to leave England with his wife on the 15th July, having arranged to leave his children at Southsea. I then walked on to my rooms and was very tired when I arrived, the London stones being very hot and hard to the feet after the country roads I have been accustomed to for so long.

As we were coming out of the theatre Mr William Hutton, an old Oxford pupil, who has since then succeeded to his paternal inheritance of some £4000 a year, accosted me. He had seen us enter the theatre and waited till we came out. His wife and his aunt were with him, and he introduced us to them. He was in town to consult Dr Sir W. Gull for some complaint of the chest.