Stevens 1885-04-10

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Visited Mr Elley, T. Aris and William Poulton.

Buried Thomas Messenger.

Met George Aris (Bastard grandson of Anna Aris and brother of Tom Aris). He was a very good lad here and a member of the Church Choir two or three years ago. he went to London to seek his fortune and got behind the bar of a public house. He has returned in a delicate state of health, having been obliged to give up his situation. He wishes very much to get out of that mode of earning his living. The work is very hard and the hours long, and holidays few. The stench of the bar etc in the morning is “something frightful and enough to make one sick.” he has been getting 12/- to 15/- per week and board etc.

Dr Routh and Mr Woolgrove had their dance party in the Schoolroom; but it was a very wet night. All was very quietly managed and the company left a little before 12.