Stevens 1884-11-21

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Cold East wind.

Inspected Sibford Ferris allotments.

Visited George Payne, John Reason.

Spoke again to Eleanor Hone about having the man Mumford living in her house, although she is not married to him, and reminded her that the 3 months of their banns would soon be out. She said the man never had enough money to get married with, he spent it all in drink. I told her I would marry them for nothing and lend her the money to pay the clerk his fee – but that she ought not to have the man there until they were married. She told me Mumford was brother to Dorcas Scruby’s mother – a bad lot to the backbone, I am afraid.

Attended Brass Band this evening.

Charles Barnes called and said he had no coal for Church fires, Mr Woolgrove having omitted to send it. So I told him to order some at Charles Lines’s to go on with.