Stevens 1879-11-21

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Visited Mr John Enock. Elizabeth Dale called and brought me a letter she had received from the School Attendance Committee at Banbury summoning her to Banbury for next Monday because her girl had not attended school regularly. She did not want to go before the board and as the girl had been regular in attendance at School since the attendance officer was here she thought it rather hard. She wanted me to write to the Board for her, but I told her I could not do that. If I were to do so I should have to do it for the whole parish. She asked me to advise her. I said “write a proper letter to the board – say you are sorry the girl was irregular before – that she has not been absent since the attendance officer was here – that you will promise to keep her quite regular in the future – ask them if they will kindly excuse you from attendance next Monday as the weather is severe, the ground being covered with snow and the distance great – that if they will not excuse your attendance you will present yourself on the following Monday. She promised to do this. I subsequently learnt that Fred Inns wrote for her.