Stevens 1879-05-03

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Visited Mary Wilks.

Mr Thomas Hitchcox called this morning – said he had been very unhappy in mind – and had come to offer me a full apology if I would accept it. I said I would, we would say no more about the past but try to do better for the future. I shook hands with him and said I was much pleased to see him.

Went towards Swalcliffe intending to call on Canon Payne, but met him. He was on his way to call on me. he gave me a cheque for Loggin Money and Church repair fund. He told me he called on Hitchcox a few days ago and was grieved at condition he found both him and his wife in – apparently both were worse for liquor, he more so than she. But she kept going out of the room in a curious and suspicious manner. Hitchcox told him how I had talked to him and that he had said he would never come to Sibford Church again, but that he would go to Swalcliffe. Mr Payne told him he would not like to see him there etc etc – but so far as I could learn did not speak to him on the main question.