Stevens 1879-03-05

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Confirmation at Swalcliffe Church by Dr John Fielder Mackarness, Bishop of Oxford. Lunched at Mr Payne’s after Confirmation with Mr Cookes and Mr Gerraty. Dined at Mr Henry Norris’s Swalcliffe this evening. The Bishop was present and Mr Cookes – no others except the family.

William Spicer called at my house this morning and asked for his confirmation ticket. I was engaged and did not go to see him. He came a second time after we had started and followed us. I spoke seriously with him. He seemed sorry and promised good things, so I gave him his ticket.

The following are the names and ages of my candidates – ages last birthday.


William Wyatt 15
Joseph Coleman 14
Frederick Ward 15
John Tay 14
George Padbury 16
Richard Gaydon 16
William Rimell 14
William Gaydon 14
Thomas Manning 18
Henry / Harry Manning 14
William Spicer 20
John Lines 16
John Young 14



Mrs Jarvis 30  
Rachel Sabin 18  
Eliza Payne 13+  
Ada Padbury 13  
Alice Holtom 19 presented at Spelsbury on 20th March
Fanny Lines 16  
Emma Webb 13  
Annie Coleman 14  
Fanny Jones 16  
Elizabeth Randle 16  
Selina Bishop 16  
Annie Spicer 15  
Eliza Robinson 15  
Eliza Harris 14  
Marion Harris 15  
Elizabeth Rimell 16  
Eleanor Barton 13  
Temperance Young 13  
Mary Padbury (Ada’s sister) 19 presented at Christ Church, Banbury
Elizabeth Webb 17 ditto
Elizabeth Payne 17 ditto

Total 13 boys at Swalcliffe, 18 girls at Swalcliffe: 31. 4 girls elsewhere.

Wrote to Alice Holtom and told her if she would send me word what parish she was staying in I would write to the Clergyman and ask him to present her with his candidates.