Stevens 1879-01-23

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Visited school. Gave half crowns for attendance to 50 children who had made 250 attendance during the year and were present on the day of Inspection.

Distributed clothing tickets for Town Estate this evening and during the day.

Visited George Spicer, Solomon Geydon, Joseph Gibbs, Ezra Green, Sarah Hone, Ann Fox, Eliza Lamb, Widow Henry Sabin, William Barlow, Charles Coleman, Thomas Coleman, John Coleman, Benjamin Aris, George Messenger, Charles Legge, Sally Green.

Reuben Sabin’s wife came to school room this evening for clothing ticket. I told her she would not receive benefits of the charity in future as her husband had gone into business. But I sent her a present of 10/6 worth of calico and flannel for her children.

Betty Wilks came for her ticket. I gave it her, but told her that she must not expect the Trustees to continue it as a “Charity” was not well bestowed in such a case as hers. I told her I should give it her till the Trustees ordered her name to be removed from the list.