Stevens 1877-12-29

Typewritten text

Called on Solomon Geydon and told him to call at my house for a parcel of grocery.

He is at present threshing for Thomas Lamb the thatcher for 1/6 a day.  He said I allowed him only 2/6 worth of clothing at last distribution.  I therefore gave him money to make up 5/-.  He seemed in a grumbling mood for which I reproved him.  He can neither read or write and I believe had never been ten miles from Sibford in his life; yet he took upon himself to say he thought too much of the Charity money went to the support of the School. “Why” said he “should not one of them be appointed Master of the School a14 shillin’ a week, they would be glad to do it and would be quite good enough for them children”.  I tried to show him his folly but don’t think I succeeded very well.  I think he is the most ignorant and dense of all my parishioners.  He was however, too modest to think he would do for School Master.

The meeting in Tennant’s Barn at Burdrop took place as was announced, but I don’t know how many attended it, nor what was done.