(February 2003) Tour de Trigs

I’m sure that many people in our communities have heard of the Tour de Trigs. It’s a tough 24 hour walk held on the first weekend of December every year for the last 37 years with just two breaks because of foot and mouth. Teams of three must complete 50 miles in 24 hours and are only given the route half an hour before they set off.

This year seemed to be something special because more than 20 people from the Sibfords were involved in some way. Three teams of three people actually took part and completed the 50 miles. Another dozen or more people went without sleep for most of the Saturday and Sunday helping with the organisation of the event. Catering, transport, house management, publicity and communications were just some of the tasks that Sibfordians take on each year. In fact the Sibfords provide the largest number of people from any single community who take part or help run the Trigs.

There must be something in the Sibford water!